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Digital Citizenship

The aim of the project is to conduct research that furthers the theoretical and empirical understanding of the digital representation of citizens – ‘the digital double’.

A central concern of the project is to deepen our knowledge about how citizenship is affected and transformed by digitalisation and datafication and especially how vulnerable citizens are affected.

An important objective of SHAPE is to contribute to and engage in the public debate and understanding of how digital infrastructures and data affect society, democracy, citizenship and subjectivity. Therefore, the aim of this project is to make visible the qualities, power and politics of datafication and digital infrastructures, and thereby make them more accessible to and debatable for the public. 

The project will cover the following questions:

  • How is the relation between digitization and trust configured and developed in the Danish digitization strategies?
  • What characterizes experiences and practices of digital citizenship among selected and vulnerable citizens?
  • How do selected and vulnerable citizens experience their digital representation in public governance systems?
  • How may digitalization result in different types of vulnerability?

The project is conducted in collaboration with the Municipality of Aarhus.